Kanchipuram silk sarees and Dhoti: the gift of the gab

It's a rare opportunity where people are given the chance to explore the backwaters as they travel along in their houseboats. Kerala is a gift given to people by God. It is a state that has been blessed with serene beaches and the perfect backwaters. India has always been the perfect heaven for the shopaholics as it gives of the symbols and sweet sounds of the traditional ethnic clothing and every designer cloth is found over here.
Kanchipuram online sarees

A state like Rajasthan has always enjoyed showing people it's palaces, forts and wildlife. People are prone to wildlife and are always interested in looking at how the animals live within their minimum basic. The men and women of Rajasthan are different and unique from the rest and have flaunted their differences with pride. The clothes seen worn range from Kanchipuram silk sarees to simple pajamas. The Indian fashion is a combination of western and Indian clothing. Today's generation believe in following the western attire that include wearing tank tops, gowns, dresses, trousers and jeans. The world has always been in awe of India and its diversity. Countries like Pakistan, the women and men do not have a choice in clothing. According to their religion or the tight ship that they run, women are covered from head to toe and are only allowed to show their eyes. The men on the other hand are given a leverage and are allowed to wear white pajama kurtas and a hat on top. The men are allowed to show their faces in public.

The southern part of India, like Tamil Nadu has a different story and side to it. The men are seen wandering around in a dhoti. The entire country or state is seen eating their meals on banana leaves which is a part of their custom. Tourists are always fascinated at how the south Indians eat and at the way they live in peace and harmony. There's always a lot more to just food and clothing. The snow covered mountains, the hill stations, the historical monuments and other historical structures have ben laid out for tourists to see and appreciate.

Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities in the world and is one of the biggest fashion statements. The city has all the fashion shows and all the designer studios and warehouses where all the gowns and dresses are designed and created. The threads and the textures are dipped and soaked in gold and silver.


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