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There is a lot at stake and prestige when one comes to an Indian wedding especially the bridal saree since the whole attention is riveted around the bride, of course not to forget the forgettable bridegroom lurking quietly in a remote corner. And, when one comes to the bridal saris, how can one forget the Kanchipuram silk sarees famous not only in India but all over the globe. 

A typical bride takes special attention and pride in her wedding attire, which is quite understandable as it is the one chance of a life-time. Of course, I am leaving out the minority cases of polygamy and re-marriages. And, the sari has been the traditional bridal attire over the years. And, more often than not, it turns out to be a Kanchipuram silk sarees

Of late, the trend has been towards designer saris of various types. More and more fashion shows are organized these days and the famous designers get a chance to exhibit their fare fabulously. Of course, such designer wear comes at an exorbitant price, which only the rich creamy elite of the society can afford. But, slowly and surely, we are moving towards a stage where such bridal designer saree will be within the reach of the common man just as the ubiquitous mobiles and the PCs. Technology will make it possible just as the handmade designs of a bridal saree have been replaced almost completely by the computerized ones. 

One exception of course is the silk sari of Kanchipuram. The silk weavers from Kanchi belong to an era, which began almost 400 years ago. And, they have only enhanced the reputation of Kanchi by weaving and producing the finest silk saris of the planet. And, such intricately woven and crafted silk saris can be the dream bridal sari, or for that matter, the dream bridal attire of any bride-to-be.


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