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Bollywood actress wears saree mostly as an outlook to express that they are real divas Of Film Industry. They show that in saree also they can look as beautiful and graceful as in modern clothes. Indian culture of wearing saree is not limited to Indian it is exceeded to western Civilization also. Now a day’s western women wear saree as a challenge to look as smarty and gorgeous as Indian Women look after wearing in event in India or abroad. Indian actress like Madhuri Dixit look stunning while wearing saree, she carries sari in a manner like earlier heroines do. Recently she weared saree in a TV show Jhalak Dhiklaja.

Saree Styles
There are one hundred eight styles of draping saree some of them I am explaining here
1. Now starting from Nivi style, in this type pallus are not pinned. The front portion goes to left and the back portion comes at front position. 
2. Modified two shoulder khond wooden saree in this style of saree it is six yard saree with some pleats in the front which will make easy to walk. The cape part is short. 
Saree Attires
Sari is one of the most fabulous attire for Indian woman who makes a woman completely sensible, give a sense of modest and attractiveness to the woman. The style of fabric varies from region to regions. Over three thousands stores are available for shopping online and direct shopping from saree Gallery. There are many types of saree were in India such as Kanchipuram silk sarees also known as kanchiwaram saree, Georgette Saree, Bridal  party wear saree, Bridal Lehenga style saree, contemporary saree, Net saree.  

Modern Sarees
There are many kinds of modern sarees. Some are designer sarees, Bollywood Modern Sarees, Fancy Modern Sarees Fashionable Modern Sarees, and Printed Sarees etc. 

Occasional Sarees
In Indian society there are many kinds of Occasional sarees present. Embroided saree, Wedding saree, Bridal Saree, Exclusive Hot Sarees etc.  


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